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I’m Janice Chapman and I love creating art and craft objects.

I have a background in art, design, 3d and sculpture.  I currently work 4 days a week as a multimedia designer, but much prefer hands-on art & crafts.


Sterling Silver Jewellery
I create sterling silver jewellery such as pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks, and bracelets. I use various techniques, hammers, acid etching, rolling mill for textures and a microfold break for corrugated silver.


Fused Glass
I use Bullseye coloured and dichroic glass to create funky and delicate glass pendants and cabochons.


Glass Christmas Tree Decorations
My fused glass Christmas tree decorations have proved to be very popular. They are hand cut, ground and fused and the decoration applied before going into the kiln for the second time. They can also be personalised.


Decorated Glass, Porcelain and Bone China
Although I can fire my own ceramics I support the local potteries by buying blanks. With my newly acquired ceramic printer, I can create custom printing onto glass and ceramics, making personalised unique objects/gifts. 


I currently have some fabulous decorated Bone China Christmas baubles, tea light holders, small and large; they can also be customised & personalised.




Email: janicechapmans@gmail.com

Telephone : 01782 775376

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