Your Stall Page

Before you fill the form in READ THIS 

Guidance Notes for Application Form (pdf here if you want to print)

Eligibility to have a Stall 

We thought long and hard about who should be allowed to have a stall in our Virtual Christmas Market, and the requirements are as follows;

  1. Any business that has previously had a stall on the Holmes Chapel Christmas Market. 

  2. Small Businesses within a 20 miles radius of Holmes Chapel. 

Stall Page Details

Your stall page will be created from the information that you enter on the on-line application form. Each Stall page will have the following information which we would ask you to check once uploaded.

Stall Name & Photo
The Name of the Stall together with a stall photo (or placeholder photo if you have not supplied a photo)

Business Description  (Who, What, Where, When & How?)
This is a text box that carries descriptive text about your stall. (No more than 300 words)

Remember that this is a market, people like to buy from other people, but this year they cannot meet you on a physical stall, so say who you are, perhaps include a photo of you/your team (not too cheesy, lots of people will see this). If you normally have a stall on our Christmas Market then mention that too.

What are you selling, pictures make a massive difference. You can send me 1 for the stall itself and up to an additional 6 for the featured products section.

Where can they buy your products, if it's online, then say where exactly?  If you have supplied a website address, Instagram address or Facebook address, then these will be included on your page. I will endeavour to ensure that the links you supply to me actually work (many received already did not, but I have corrected these). With over 70 stalls, that require a lot of links to create and test, I will try to ensure that all links work and actually go to the correct location. But it is your responsibility to check your links, please do this as soon as your page goes live.

If people cannot buy online from one of your links, then how will you sell? Some options, but not exhaustive.

  • Do they call you on the phone? 

  • Do they e-mail you and you e-mail them back with your product list with photos, pdf's etc

  • Do they come to your shop or the place you trade from? (Covid 19 safe )

There are many options, but don't assume people can read your mind, make it clear what they can do to buy from you.

Website, Instagram & Facebook

If you supply links to all three of the above platforms, please think if you really need all three. If they all say the same thing then what's the point. If one looks much better than the other, then you should use that. 

Remember not every potential customer is on Instagram and FB. FB pages can look very busy and will contain a lot of unnecessary information for someone who is just looking to buy a product. 

If you need me to delete or change any links then please tell me. 

Visit STALL here Link

Here I will create a Visit button that takes the viewer to one of your online pages, by default I have will use your website, but if you want something different then please tell me.

If you do not supply a website address, then I will use your Instagram page as the alternative option, or  Facebook if you don't have a website or Instagram.

If you do not have any online pages to link to then I will use an e-mail link.

Finally, please do take a look at your links, especially Facebook, which for some of you bring up a pretty strange page. This is your stall if the Facebook link looks bad then either improve it now or ask me to delete it.

Photos of Products & Pricing

If you have not already done so please send through photos to

You can send me the main photo to go with your stall name, and then up to 6 featured product photos. If you are sending photos of specific items for sale, why not add the price too, something like this.

If you do not put pricing on the products you need to state the price range of the products that you are selling.

Please put your Stall name and the word Photos in the e-mail Subject.

And finally, I will be able to make changes to your Stall page, but just once a week through to and including the 18th December. Changes will be made on a Friday, so they must be with me by 6 pm the night before.

Marketing & Publicity

We have plans in place to advertise the Holmes Chapel Virtual Christmas Market in the Village Mag in November and have the front page and centre pages booked for December. 

We plan to have some banners printed that will be erected in Holmes Chapel very soon.

We shall publicise the Market through our Newsletter in November and December.

We shall promote the market through our Partnership Website & Facebook site

Feel free to carry a link from your own online pages to

Website Go-Live Date - 1st November 2020

The website will go live on the 1st November 2020, but I will need any changes you wish me to make before 6 pm on the 29th October. Send them as soon as you can to give time for the changes to be made.

Happy Trading

Peter Whiers
Projects Officer
Holmes Chapel Partnership